Monday, 26 September 2016


Hope everyone's been well! I have been enjoying my holidays adventuring and most importantly getting some rest; although the past 3 days have been busy going back and forth to Melbourne...  

Can In just say, Mustard is one of my favourite colours! I have so many favourites lol! I live out colours and enjoy wearing them. Usually It goes in cycles and I'll wear a particular colour for a month, and then fall in love with another. I want them all, I love them all, especially with black which is the No.1 Favourite of course!!!

One of the great Granpires in my home.

Tis the time for us SpoOoky people to start doing our yearly Halloween shop! Here we are about to fill this little shopping basket full of goodies :D

We bought some really cute stuff! Makes me so happy to see these shop displays :D 

Orange is such a wonderful colour <3 <3 <3  

I finally got around to buying Kat Von D's Witches lipstick! The last time I visited Sephora it was way too busy; as It was the opening here in Victoria Australia. Happy to have it and I've been living in it ever since I bought it. Bloody FANGtastic!!! v v 

Ran into my black magic fur friends, I enjoy their visits. 

I had 3 cute tattoos done while In Melbourne. a witches hat, a crystal ball and the cutest winklepicker witches boots and stripped socks with some sparkles.

The best selfies are taken in my family's home :D 

My cute little Endora brooch designed by me! 

Quick little selfie before I head out to the Melbourne Show.

Gothemian Granpire! Brooch designed by me! 

Bag lady on the train haha, what's new as always!

Ghostly lady, ready to haunt! 

I should of taken more pictures at the show but I didn't. It was a great day spending time with family and friends. Usually we go in the evening only but this year we went during the day, which meant we got to see all the cakes and art and crafts stuff which I love, all that granny goodness :)

 Thanx for looking v v


  1. Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! That song runs on a loop in my head at the end of Sept thru Oct... I see y'all got a daiso down there...
    Its really good to see color pics of you, being able to see the detail of your eye make up is quite inspiring...gurl you got mad talent for cosmetics! Was that a faberege egg cake???? Was that a fair or an amusement park?

    1. Sure is the best time of the year, although Halloween isn't big in Australia at all sadly! We make it the best we can with what we have. In fact the alternative scene here is fading away before our eyes :( It was so good years ago, we used to be out 4 nights a week! Not anymore unfortunately, things change, scenes change and we're all so much older now , hence why I live out my Granpire life till it's full potential haha V V Thank you for your lovely message by the way, yes I really enjoy painting my eyelids, it's a huge part of me and my staple! I should take more photos of it as the colours change on a regular basis. We went to The Royal Melbourne Show which happens every year and yeah I guess it is a Faberge egg cake, I love the colour great work! Hope all is well in your world :)