Saturday, 17 September 2016

Granpire Housewife!

School Holidays for me and I'm loving every minute of it, I was due for a much needed rest!

Granny apron, black lipstick and a metal tshirt, ready to attend some housework. A Vampires job is never done V--V 

While at home I get to explore my town a little more, so I took myself out for a little Op shopping spree! 

I came home with some real goodies and spent no more then $20! I love thrift shopping in the country. 

Melbourne trips...

Train rides mean more reading time which I absolutely love! I miss the whole Emily Strange thing that once was and thought I'd revisit; so I took this book with me and forgot how much I adored this time. 

I had some errands to run while visiting the city but I still made the time to get some Witchy supplies. 

Black candles are mainly the only candle I use, with the exception of purple.

Full Moon...

With the full moon in Aries and the fact that I'm an Aries I thought I'd wear my Rocky Horror Picture Show T shirt, blue bow and eye shadow to match Frank-N-Furters eye makeup, he's a fellow Aries himself so this was a must today haha V--V   

and this photo I love! That eye makeup was perfect that day.