Sunday, 2 October 2016


Hello OCTOBER or for us SPOOKTOBER!!! It is meant to be Spring here in Australia but Winter is hanging on! It's so dark outside where I live and this country town is known for it's cold gloomy days (in which I LOVE) with the most beautiful grey skies and it's been pouring with rain most of  the day. Those dark clouds are my favourite especially when you're indoors as I am today; enjoying cups of tea, listening to some haunting Halloween music and looking through little dried flower and potpourri books. I adore dried flowers especially, Sea Holly, Roses and Lavender. I've been drying flowers for years and am captivated by their beauty! Being a Florist in training and exploring the flower and plant kingdom makes me feel complete, this is my kind of witchery!!! V V

  Looking like a Villain! This makeup rocks my world :D

Not only do I surround myself with dried flowers, I also am very fond of silk flowers too!

These tiny books are so beautiful and full of great ideas. 

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday.