Thursday, 20 October 2016

Haunting The Streets Of Australia With My Spooky Old Lady Style!

This post is about style inspiration, I get asked on a daily basis on how I come up with and where I find my Inspiration. Well I guess it comes from being a lover of vintage and blending it with being a Goth! As most of you know and this post is more about new readers interested in this particular style, that I’m an Op shopper. The treasures I come across become so dear to me even though they may only cost a few dollars and have been used or pre-loved. It’s these sorts of treasures that I truly adore and may never find again. I try to search for the most old lady type of thing I can find, anything 60s or 70s even my hubby knows what I love and sometimes he spots it before I do haha!

I also get inspired by old films and particular fashion designers such as Gucci and Susanne Bisovsky, these 2 know Granny Chic very well and I love all that floral. When It comes to shoes I’ve always been a boot person, I used to live in Goth platform boots and wore them for more than 15 years but got really disappointed that I had to go through so many each year because the sole would fall off sometimes, now that was shit! These days I’ll wear my GP boots, Docs, Mary-Janes or my wonderful Winklepickers! I adore those boots and they are by far my favourite but I don’t want to wear them all the time as I want to treasure them and not ruin them, they are so precious to me.  

I’m a person who loves solitude and will immerse myself in books and movies of eras past, 90% of what I watch is of old world times and Gothic Horror, Murder Mysteries such as Miss Marple of the 60s. I rarely find modern stuff interesting, well some things I do but not all the time. I really am an old Granpire soul V V

When It comes to makeup and I’m going to quote Vali Myers here "I never wore make up to be pretty" I quite agree with her and either do I, It’s really a personal preference and I for one do not dress or wear makeup for anyone else but myself! I love painting my eyes, to me it’s just my spirit animal that lies beneath, a bat like creature who prefers her cave and the dark ^V^

It gets really annoying when people ask what I’d look like without makeup on or would I go without painting my eyes? The answer is NO!!! Why would I? This is me, why would I want to be anyone else?!! Fuck I don’t want to blend in with society; I never have and never will! Life is too short for that. I think we need more eccentric people out there otherwise it's getting really boring! I know a lot of people want to be themselves but are afraid of what others will think! Who cares what people think, deep down inside they probably want to do the same but won’t because society deems individuality as a threat! Goths and alternative people get treated so badly sometimes and I think it’s really unnecessary.

But on the good side of things, it’s funny you know, for me I get approached by all walks of life wanting to have a chat about my style and say to hubby and myself, good on you guys for being different! I don’t see myself as different just an Individual, we’re all individuals and should embrace it.  It’s amazing how many people open up to you (when you seem a little out there haha) and tell you all about their interests, dreams and regular stuff that they are up to, not sure if this happens to many but it happens to me, I’m very happy to have a chat to strangers and I guess we both walk away learning something new. Daily life is always an adventure, you never know who you’re going to meet. I’m pretty easy to talk to and don’t judge unless you’re being a dickhead or a fucking bitch! Then I won’t give you the time of day and you will become invisible to me, ain’t got no time or interest in that crap at the age 37! Here are some pics of clothing and people that are inspiring to me. Enjoy my lovelies <3

Thanx for reading and stay SpoOoky!!!