Friday, 21 October 2016

Mary Poppins!

As a child I'd adored Mary Poppins and I still do now, her carpet bag is EVERYTHING!!! I have acquired a few of these gorgeous tapestry bags (similar to the carpet bag but not the same) in my life time and get excited every time I come across another one. I thrifted a new one recently which I'm yet to use, i'ts in the cleaning process and I look forward to carrying it around with me shortly. I'm always on the lookout for anything Poppins related. I actually designed my very own brooch for the love of this magical lady! But my version has fangs of course ;) you can see it here 

Found all these pics online...
The dream bag! Wish list <3 

She's just so adorable!

That bag kills me <3

I will never get sick of watching Mary Poppins.

and that she is!

How perfect!!! 

Look it at will you, the most amazing bag! 

 Thank you Mary Poppins, you've always been a huge part of my life xox