Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tea Rooms And Loads Of Books!

She prefers dried flowers covered in webs, a cup of poisonous tea and a haunting mystery novel, listening to the darkest of things, a funeral doom and smelling like a rose...

Don't ask me where I come up with this stuff but if it's in my head i'll write it :) Anyway this afternoon we went to a lovely Tea Room called Alexandria tea rooms Ballarat. 

I wore one of my Prairie dresses and a Mary Poppins brooch I designed, she's so cute and has little fangs v v 

Here we are at Alexandria tea rooms, I love Ballarat and all the old beautiful buildings, you really feel like you're living in the olden days which I adore!

Fruit toast with butter and jam, and a cup of Harney and Sons dragon pearl jasmine tea.

Such a cute place.

I'ts across the road from the Regent Cinemas, now that cinema is the best I've ever been to, all that gold and red you feel like a queen! 

We also did a bit of Op shopping, country thrifting is the best!!! 

I came home with this little beauty and naturally put black silk flowers straight into it, all the flowers in our bedroom are black bar my wedding flowers which were midnight purple made out of feathers. 

and these Agatha Christie novels, which I was so excited about! I tend to be a person who reads about 3 or more books at once, I love doing that. 

I also found a kind of Mary Poppins bag too! Perfect Granpire pieces to add to my spooky old lady wardrobe. 

Bought a couple of little cauldrons from the supermarket, I always stock up on theses every October, and of course bought Spider and Body Part lollies. 

Now this is something real special! A purchase from my hubby, 50 Sweet Valley High books!!! (Someone needs a new bookshelf) I really loved reading these when I was younger and now I get to read them again. Yeah I'm weird and I may like odd stuff but if you know me well enough, you'll know I really don't give a fuck haha, I just like what I like \m/



  1. sweet valley high... i had a thing for the babysitters club series...lolz... glad you were in heaven this past weekend... the photos feel like the an old western movie..In the states we dont really have tea rooms so, (there a are a few), so what do you do at tea time? Is it to relax or catch up socially(we dont really have that culture here....) plus tea rooms seem to me like not a place to get full/real meals.. so Im curious... what do you do???? (sorry to sound like an ignorant american...)

  2. Yes I've always loved Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club was good too! Tea rooms are rather an English delight, us Australians do follow in their footsteps when It comes to Tea Rooms. I'ts a place where you go to enjoy good quality tea and sweets, there are savoury foods of course but sweets are the main reason people go I think haha! I's a very old fashioned thing to do I guess which suits me perfectly :) we have so many lovely places here. I would normally go In the morning or at lunch or the afternoon, Some people in OZ call dinner "Tea" but I call dinner, dinner as I'ts what you have in the early evening. If I say tea it always relates to tea and sweets so you know what I mean? Hope I've explained it properly for you :)