Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A Goth And Her Kanken!

I recently purchased a Fjallraven Kanken bag and I must say its the most comfortable backpack I've ever owned! I bought a black one and decorated it in a Vampire theme of course! Need to buy a Dracula key ring or a plush to hang off it though. I love seeing all the different decorated Kankens out there, I will probably buy more colours in the near future to go with all my moods ;)

Dracula: When I'm in my red and black mood...

This is the one I got, took this pic the other night with my very fave Dracula book V V 

This mini Living dead Doll would also look spooky cute hanging off my bag.


 Draculaura: When I'm in my pink mood...

And might I just add, I've always got a granny bag with me :) I use them like a side market bag to carry things like a book, water an umbrella etc. 

The Joker: When I'm in my purple and green mood...

There are plenty more colours I love like yellow, blue, orange etc, etc the list goes on!