Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Spooky Weekends!

Started off the Halloween weekend with a Zombie pin and socks to match!

Dress covered in fur :)

Love these socks, this is what I call my casual Goth look :)

We visited a lovely Vintage shop that had such beautiful flowers such as Foxgloves and Parrot Tulips.

Spotted some cute Witchy shoes. The ladies who owned the shop were so lovely, we chatted for a while spoke about how wonderful the country is before we had to head off and visit a few other locations.

After a day of wandering we had a nice dinner and got ready to drive to Melbourne for a Halloween Goth night. I wore a beautiful granny dress which has Bat buttons. A vintage brooch and my skull necklace, as for my shoes I wore my glorious platform Salem boots which look incredible on and are more of a sitting kinda shoe. 

After a late night and a little sleep in we headed out for a little venture to Maldon, I'm so in love with this town. 

Beautiful homes and scenery.

Love that dress in the window. 

Lovely flowers, gardens, lovely everything! 

Now for Our favourite time of the year, Halloween  and Beltane here in Australia. 

Getting ready to go back to Melbourne for another Goth night.

We don't need a costume do we Sadie?!

Wearing one of my favourite Victorian 70s Prairie dresses in blue; I bought in Japan a few years back. The little Sadie necklace you see is a Living Dead Doll pencil topper that I turned into a necklace with the help of my husband. 

Sometimes I'm so fucking SPOOKY and I love it!! My shoes however were still platforms but the Demonia ones I've worn for far too many years haha!! Much better for dancing in and off we went.

This Goth night was FANGtastic and we had a great night. Much older Goths and better than Saturday nights event. Mind you we haven't been clubbing in a long time, just don't enjoy it like I used to when I was younger. I spent years and years in these clubs, they were fun and the scene back then was amazing! (No offence to the younger generation) I'm older now and will only attend these club nights on major events these days, just don't have it in me anymore to come home at 6am again like I did haha! 

Tuesday was a public holiday so we went out and had a wonderful day in the country, did a little Op shopping and found some amazing stuff like this granny mug LOL!!

Surprised to have found this book, so we snapped it up! 

So many treasures and they really are treasure! 

Lovely baskets.

I just love granny floral EVERYTHING!!!

More cute baskets.

After a big weekend of driving back and forth to Melbourne for Halloween I was completely exhausted and couldn't wait to just sit and relax and have a cup of tea with some Aussie cookies.  

I much prefer the quieter life in the country, living like a spooky old lady. Hope you all had an amazing Halloween and thanx for reading V V