Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Spooky Flower Lady!

As most of you know I studied all year this year to become a Florist! It was an amazing year and I really enjoyed studying, for someone that didn't like high school and left early to become a hairdresser. I've been doing hair what feels like my whole life! 23 years to be exact and I never thought I'd be doing anything else especially studying, but it was a wonderful experience and I was quite a good student and enjoyed all the essays and assignments that came my way. I pat myself on the back for all my good efforts and skills and qualifications I've achieved in my years. I have enjoyed all my ventures of being a hairdressing teacher and owning salons and creating amazing work and now I look forward to creating a wonderful career as a Silk Florist, I will have an online shop up soon, which is in the making, you will be able to purchase my creations that will never die and live for an eternity...⚰