Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blood Witch Manor!

A Poem called Blood Witch Manor by Kriss Poison...

Those who have dark hearts who cherish the unique gifts of this world, cryptic corners and coffins fulls of curiosities. Deadly flowers so potent her scent lingers, poisoning those who are near. Night blooms and dark wrought iron gates, hidden in the shadows a white gown floating, she walks forth an alluring strength pulls her near as though she cannot pull back, she gets closer and closer to find a woman in white, the mother ghost of all Granpires! She in all black sees the light, and knows this is her deadly garden of delight! She plays such music, a nocturnal classical tune, funerary violinists accompany her through this darkest gloom, this is where she lay, in a Vampiric blood red velvet room, until she herself becomes a Granpire of haunting doom! V--V