Monday, 16 January 2017

Gothic, Red And Floral!

Red is the colour of fiery Aries women like myself, not to mention the colour of BLOOD V--V
I love wearing this colour and having splashes of it in my home. Now take a look at this dress, what a beauty!🎔

The lace pattern and high neck collar are to die for! I feel like a Dark Shadows Granpire Queen! (from the 60s of course)

Living a Gothic life in the country, sipping on Rooibos tea and treating myself to some Fairy cakes, reading The Gospel of Filth and gazing at this lovely Death patch. In the wonderful world of Tarot the Death card is number 13, I am a tarot sorceress and this day was Friday the 13th! 

"Her blood is like liquid fire" - Lestat Queen Of The Damned 

This jacket is one of my faves, the patches entail the bands I adore 🎔 

Be still my heart, a blood rose beauty!

Last weeks Antique store visits. I have such a great LOVE for granny florals.

Beautifully amazing!

A world full of  old world pieces, so delicate and breathtaking.

 Have a great week xox