Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year and welcome 2017! It's a lovely feeling to start a fresh new year with lots of goals and adventures to pursue, open a new diary, tick boxes on your to do list, write a new to do list. Venture out and make things happen... 
Live a spookier life and immerse myself in a whole lot of granny treasures and outfits. Drink more tea and have picturesque picnics in the country; on lace sheets with lovely tin biscuits, scones, jam, cream and lots of fruit just like a fruit bat ^V^  

Live out my dreams, be a better Vampire and cherish moments in time with the people that count most! Read more books, take walks in the cemetery. Create art and live a wonderful life designing enchanting floral arrangements, filled with magick and tarot. 

Enjoy my own world and strive to be more of an individual than I have ever been before! 

Sew more, especially putting cute Bat and Ghost buttons on everything 👻

Watch old movies a whole lot more and listen to classical tunes...

Design more brooches and finally put them out there! 

And most of all be thankful!