Monday, 9 January 2017


On Saturday we visited the Lavandula Swiss Italian farm. What a beautiful place! I felt so relaxed and calm, the weather was hot which I hate but the breeze helped so it wasn't so bad. I bought some lovely Lavender oil that I use as a perfume and to help me sleep and in general used as a calming potion. I came across some Blackberry jam too that I had to buy, I enjoy jam on raisin toast and scones. I'm a person that has honey in her tea and as I get older I try to surround myself with peace and harmonious living and do my best to avoid toxic situations, as I have a very hot temper and being European it can be explosive if it erupts! Nature is a wonderful gift, enjoy it and respect it and it's definitely helped me over the years become a calmer and better personđź’“

I look forward to visiting this picturesque place again soon and trying the Lavender ice-cream we didn't get a chance to try this time. Enjoy these pics lovelies xx  


  1. fuck man, that place looks like the south of france!!! I am obsessed with lavender... my favorite being spanish lavender.... I even make my own lavender infused vinegar I use to clean and what not..... lavender has many many healing properties!!!! fuck I would have died at that place...did you know that the molecules in lavender are so strong, and we have this problem in our sense of smell where after a second we can only smell the lavender oil strongly, so we end up using too much and over powering the smell... its like a genetic olfactory set back...
    I know what you mean about wanting to slow down and go back to nature... it happened to me like 10 years ago where I could not deal with concrete any more, I needed nature... I was lucky enough to find a small apartment that had a hill as a backyard and a neighborhood with plants and trees....

    I think scent is in your future... you should check out the bbc documentary on perfume...its fantastic!!! I saw you and ur hubby made ur own scents... the craft of scent making is so special..... I have been learning a lot about it in the last 6 years... it is fascinating....I also recommend the book "Perfume", one of the best murder novels of the 20th century (there is also a movie, but read the book!).

    Hope you are having a blessed new year!

    1. Hello lovely,

      My apologies for the late reply! I got no notifications and all of a sudden bang, there they all were, think there was something wrong. Fixed now.

      Yes this place was amazing. I love Lavender, really relaxes me, I wear it to bed and throughout the day and I probably calm those around me too haha! I know the movie, I have a copy. Yes Lavender has amazing healing properties, I even love a mix of Lavender and Chamomile tea, it's absolutely divine!

      I play around with lots of scents and make them for my self to wear, oils are the best way to go, they last so long.

      Hope you've been well and thank you for your message

      Kriss x