Monday, 9 January 2017


On Saturday we visited the Lavandula Swiss Italian farm. What a beautiful place! I felt so relaxed and calm, the weather was hot which I hate but the breeze helped so it wasn't so bad. I bought some lovely Lavender oil that I use as a perfume and to help me sleep and in general used as a calming potion. I came across some Blackberry jam too that I had to buy, I enjoy jam on raisin toast and scones. I'm a person that has honey in her tea and as I get older I try to surround myself with peace and harmonious living and do my best to avoid toxic situations, as I have a very hot temper and being European it can be explosive if it erupts! Nature is a wonderful gift, enjoy it and respect it and it's definitely helped me over the years become a calmer and better personđź’“

I look forward to visiting this picturesque place again soon and trying the Lavender ice-cream we didn't get a chance to try this time. Enjoy these pics lovelies xx