Saturday, 28 January 2017

Vampire Outings!

Summer in Australia is not fun, I tend to lessen my outings because I REALLY can't stand the heat! Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons and the best time for adventures for us. Here's what Friday and Saturday looked like.


14 up Docs and my Mortician bag for a trip to Melbourne.

My scent was Funeral Home by Demeter. Oh and that's my mortician needle in the background, gifted to me by a mortician many years ago. I was over the moon when I received it. 

Granny chic heaven!!! I need all of these for my Granpire cottage.

The biggest slice of pizza I've ever had. 

S'mores frappuccino!


Got my Living Dead Dolls Sadie dress on and ready to go to Daylesford!

Goth and proud badge from The Haunted Bookshop Melbourne. R.I.P and Bat brooch been with me for years! Bat necklace, ancient like me V--V 

Almost hanging off the tree like the Old Vampire Bat that I am.

Spanish omelette... 

Dutch vanilla slice...

So happy to see Mortishas exquisite clothing at the Bazaar in Daylesford. 

Good old Gown Of Thorns, a shop I dearly miss as well as the very much beloved Mortishas 🎔 
I struggle to believe that these shops are no longer and the old Gothic culture we once had in Melbourne is gone! Now before anyone gets pissed off and says but we still do have a Goth scene, it was different for us guys, it was amazing! 

Hilary's stall at the Bazaar...

Gorgeous granny bag. 

Hogwarts and some other lovely things belonging to the other stalls.

I came home with these wonderful Vamp brooches from Hilary's stall. This makes me so happy!!!