Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Craft Room!

Cute outfits and my pink craft room! This particular dress I bought a few weeks back, was only $5, I couldn't resist the delicious colour. Sometimes I find real treasures💜

Has a 60s feels about it which I love! 

My Instagram @kriss_poison looks like a colour chart sometimes, it's weird because I may post a particular colour and the rest just flows and that colour will appear one after the other until it changes. I kinda like that, it's interesting to document. 

When I'm not on the road creating lavish hair styles I'm in my craft room making floral accessories and wedding bouquets when requested. This room is important to me and the colour is very inspiring and sometimes I create, well into the night V--V 

Quite a girly room compared to the rest of the house but it matches my pink kitchen. The rest of my home it quite old world Granny Goth themed.

I enjoy working on my own, i'll have a cup of tea with me and an old movie playing in the background. 

Obviously Draculaura is my favourite Monster High doll, she's even tattooed to me, had that done quite a few years back now. Having a colourful room helps me create, sew and craft. Such an old lady life but I love it haha 🎔

and not to mention I have a million granny crochet blankets! I wish I had a granny to visit and make scones for, I have no grandparents, they have passed away and were never present in my life because they were living overseas in the Balkans.  

This bag is very special, a lovely lady gifted it to me and it is one of my favourites! 

This is cute little Aura, she's kinda like a Bubble Goth, she's wearing a cute hot pink outfit with the top back to front because I need to make her a top that suits this jacket and skirt.

A few of my Granpire brooches and some of my wool felting supplies.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great week 💕