Thursday, 23 March 2017


First and foremost apologies to the lovely people who sent me messages and I didn't receive notification until now!!! I thought there might have been a problem, all fixed and I have replied back to all messages. I really enjoy reading your comments and interacting with you, thank you again for all your support and reading my blog💗 

It's funny you know, I just write about the things I like and what inspires me, things that I thought wouldn't really interest anyone else, but it does and that's a nice feeling! I'm just a Goth who appreciates many creative passions and one being Old Lady fashion. I think there's so much pressure on people these days when it comes to how one should look! To me I've never really cared for anyone's opinion and have always worn whatever I've wanted. 

I don'y really go out to many clubs  anymore, but I used to live in them right through my twenties, these days you'll hear all the great Goth tunes coming from our cottage in the country and not only Goth but we listen to a huge variation of music, I love metal and will forever but I also adore classical music. I much rather live a peaceful life now, drinking tea, watching old movies, reading and going out on adventures. I still go to gigs when good bands come to Australia but my way of a partying these days is entertaining guests with cake and tea hahaha and on special nights we drink my beloved Absinthe, my greatest old friend...

I really do live a full Granpire life V--V 

Now what this post is about is Myrtle Snow, I think it's time to watch American Horror Story Coven again, this is the only one I liked and can relate to. Myrtle is the perfect Old Lady inspiration, I just die over her wardrobe and insect brooches, adore, adore, adore!!!

She really needed this brooch though ^V^