Friday, 17 March 2017

Old Buildings And Classical Music!

There's something about classical music that sets my soul on fire! Whether I'm driving or in my home listening to this magnificent music; usually this occurs on the darkest of days, with gloomy grey skies, while I walk through my home like a ghostly lady, tea in hand with Dragons Blood burning creating a patterned smoke, all I'm missing is that organ I just haven't found yet! 

My right palm says Blood and the left Witch, very special tattoos including the cute blood bites on my wrist V--V 

While visiting Melbourne I always must take a selfie in the best bathroom :) 

I love this dress, the mood was so fitting for the day.

Lucy-Furr my Wolf Spider ring by Alchemy Gothic, a very old ring, for an old Vampire lady like me.

Melbourne's Beauty! These buildings are to be cherished. 

Bach, thank you! Cd resting on my granny bag, still on the search for that perfect Gramophone so I can play my records.

Gothic beauty!