Friday, 14 April 2017

Bat Nest Buns And Granny Stuff!

April is certainly a very busy month for me, lots of happenings including my upcoming birthday. I got a chance to get out and come to Melbourne to run some errands, one being picking up some new reading glasses for my delicious books. I love a good outing in a lovely old frock with one of my many granny bags that always company me on the travels, a huge Bat nest bun and insect jewellery... 

The more mattered and bigger buns are the happier I am :) Spooky Old Lady vibes.

I always get lovely compliments when I wear my insects! Bee brooch and my Wolf Spider Alchemy Gothic necklace, i'm a bit of an insect lady! Bat and Fangs been with me for years.

My GP boots I adore, they remind me of boots worn with black stockings back in the 19th century.

I was so excited to get new reading glasses, these frames were actually given to me by my brother and he's partner. They were originally sunglasses that I had the Optometrist turn into reading glasses for me. I only need them for reading but I want them a certain style, i'ts taken me a long time to find the perfect 70s styled granny frames and when these were given to me I thought wow, these are actually what I was looking for. Thanx guys if you're reading this, you said that you had some granny chic glasses to give me and you hit the jackpot🎔   

They are actually an Amber shade which I love as Amber is my most loved stone/resin. I just started reading this book, its great, I love old lady detective novels🎔

The best bun ever!!!

Shower me with insect jewellery. 

I also did a quick bit of Op shopping the other day at home in the country, bought 2 books one being the one above in the picture and another being a book on flowers. 2 granny square crochet coasters, 2 Darkshadows like Vampire brooches and a pink cardigan which I popped in the wash and didn't take a picture of.

Lots of lovely treasures in old towns to cherish and enjoy.  

Look at those cute granny shoes on the left, remind my of Miss Marple, shoes that Margret Rutherford would wear🎔

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend xox