Friday, 28 April 2017

Music, What I Watch And Outfits To Die For!

This week I've been listening to Coven a lot from the 60s and other related bands, I BLOODY love this genre of music! Occult Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner... 
I was born in 79 which I'm very happy about due to my love for the 60s and 70s haha. As an Occultist myself, this music is Magick and as a Goth I'd say I was quite unique in my interests, I like that about me. 

Wanted to share some dream dresses from a label called Velvet Cave. I absolutely ADORE these dresses, wish I owned some! I really should be living in England with how I dress and the things I love, there's no one really who I know that likes the things that I love and dresses like me here in Australia. Wish we had more eccentrics, we used to but people play it safe and are very vanilla! No offence people but that's not what I'm about or will ever have any interest in, i'd die of boredom. Not being mean to the mainstream or anything like that, but alternative people always feel they have to explain themselves which Is crazy! I tend to respond with haven't you ever seen a Goth before? Well you must be living under a rock! This is very rare but If I have to, I will always stand up for myself and others in my subculture. 

This floral one in particular I've been drooling over for years now. This is just the ultimate dream dress, makes my heart explode!!!🎔

Love the bib collar on these 2! So amazing.

This black one is perfect, more 70s, love, love, love!!! Velvet Cave you're brilliant.

Now this band called Purson, wow, I am in Love!!! Amazing, sexy and totally up my alley. I secretly would love to be a singer in a band in this kind of genre.


Had to add in a few Gucci dresses of course! Another heart explosion🎔 I've posted about most of these dresses before, they are just so good!

I'd love to have and wear Eddie Munsters outfit in my size of course haha... 

Always living the Dark Shadows dream, I almost watch this every week.

Another goodie is Morgiana from 1972, best outfits. I love this movie.

More music, the band above Blood Ceremony is awesome! Will  definitely be listening to them often that's for sure! The band below called The Horrors, I went to see years ago when the came to Australia, they were fantastic, the music,the whole Mod Goth look which I love was amazing! They are a little different now but I loved them back then. 

and last but not least a poster from the movie Morgiana I mentioned earlier.