Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Been a busy little Blood Witch and feeling rather like Snow Bite V--V in the pictures below haha, living a Monster High life! This was my outfit to go visit my beautiful mother on mothers day. 

Holding a Poison Apple bottle of perfume gifted to me by a lovely lady. 

Outfit details~

Elvira t-shirt~ been with me for years purchased online.
Skirt~ pleated wool, thrifted for $10
Jewellery~ been with me for years.
Apple Bobble~ buttons I turn into bobbles.
Bow~ gift wrapping area Myer, I like them big! 

On Friday night we went to see The Baby Farmer performance at Craig's Hotel in Ballarat, It was wonderful! We purchased this lovey book with amazing illustrations by the artist Chloe Neath. 

What I wore for this event~

Dress~ plaid 70s prairie dress in which I almost live in. 
Brooch~ my cute little Granpire Ghosts-Anne of Green Gable brooches I created.
Jewellery~ been with me for years.
Coat~ 70s inspired black coat, been with me for years.
Bobble~ ghost button I turned into a bobble.
Bow~ navy bow, purchased from the gift wrapping area in Myer.

Craig's Hotel is so beautiful!

The performance and art pieces where held in the dungeons of the hotel. 

Got some postcards to frame.

Love these dolls.

Other stuff...

More bobbles, a My Little Pony this time. 

On the train, best time to read, I was stoked to have found this book I thrifted for $2! I'm a Mapp and Lucia fan.

My business card makes a good bookmark.