Monday, 22 May 2017

My Granpire Life!

What else what I be doing in my spare time? Snooping around antique stores I've never been to haha! Drooling over all the GRANNY stuff I adore 🎔 Seriously in a perfect world (dream world really) I'd love to live in an old Gothic mansion far, far away full of Bats, Ghostly and Granny things. Have a library with dusty old books, seclude myself  off  from the world and drink lots of cups of tea and have a dungeon where I can enjoy my favourite poison, ABSINTHE on special occasions... Oh and have a 60s ~ 70s  room with lots of velvet where I can watch all my favourite Velvet Vampire movies V--V 

Anyway onto other things, I'm excited about the new Twin Peaks! I was quite young when I saw it and first came out, I was absolutely terrified of BOB! It wasn't until about 9 years ago when one of my best friends and I started obsessively re-watching it. We lived, breathed it and talked about it lots and still Bob terrified me! I'm not afraid of many things at all, but Bob is one of them. I've dedicated part of my skin to this series and hopefully the new episodes won't disappoint and if they do, it doesn't really matter as I got these tattoos for the love of the original series. Enjoy and thanx for reading xx