Monday, 5 June 2017

In My World!

In  my world of playing with the most bewitching colour and old things...

PINK is amazing and I have had many favourite colours in my life, It changes as I change and getting older I find that I'm more in love with the colour pink but very much so in combination with black! I guess it's because I love all the spooky stuff and Draculaura from Monster high mixed in with all the Granny goodness and old floral. The darkness of my hair and deathrock makeup (bat wing eyes) with my lovely dresses makes for a very individual look which I love, throw in a granny bag and old lady perfume and I'm set, this makes me very happy! I feel that I look like a Villain, with the love for colour that fits in so well my darkness. Glitter, yes glitter is another thing haha, which I wear almost everyday, usually on my cheek bones, currently mixing lavender with silver. Here are some current pictures and some old ones I played around with to produce that pink effect. When I'm not doing hair or making flowers or being a tarot sorceress, I enjoy photography and giving you a little more than a glimpse into my world of antiques, 60s/70s stuff, Gothic pleasures, ghostly things and old world living.