Friday, 16 June 2017


Spooking around Melbourne at night taking photos of cathedrals! I enjoy night photography, especially on still evenings where nothing is moving. Dressed in black a white pale face with my kind of makeup lurking around dark places, the only thing that was missing were BATS! I just needed them to fly over the church, that would of been perfect haha. I usually see so many in Melbourne, but not last night. They used to live in my old backyard in my Nectarine tree at night, they were so noisy and I loved listening to them, just magical! Bats are my spirit animal, I'm sure many Goths would say the same thing, It can't be helped, we have a major love for these creatures of the night!

These pictures below I took today on my work journey, as a travelling hair artist I enjoy all the different places I get to visit after I finish up with my clients. A cute, quirky Op shop in the country. 

Thanx for reading, I'm off to have a relaxing evening and cook a nice dinner for my husband when he gets home and will most likely watch an old movie, as many of you know I love black and white films, I think The Bat 1959 will be tonight's pic!