Wednesday, 5 July 2017


This weekends adventures and my husbands birthday! 

Ghostbusters 👻 On Tuesday hubby and I went on a little country adventure...

I enjoy snooping around the larger types of places like the Mill Markets, I could spend hours in there! This one was the Dayeslford store. Loving the fake Angles Trumpet flowers next to this beautiful Gramophone. 

My love for granny floral grows everyday, it's such a great fondness. 

Funerary Violin is what I love!

I was very excited to see a Twiggy head, I adore the 60's. I own a Twiggy head brooch like this actually. 


Now, when I came across these Fluevog pilgrims, I nearly died! I was like, what the fuck!?? Why would anyone want to get rid of these? These are my dream shoes but in black. Sadly these were a size 10 which is way too big for my size 7 feet. They were only $40!!! I could cry! 

I really come across some amazing stuff, even if I don't buy some of these treasures I take photos.

Heaven! After we did our thrifting rounds, we took a drive out to the Chocolate Mill...

A very delicious place if you have a sweet tooth like I do, but in my case sugar fangs V--V 

So yummy!

And some chocolate to take home and enjoy. This is what I bought from the days adventures...

A book on Witchery a granny cardigan and an amazing spider pendant. This pendant came from the one and only shop called Mortishas I've spoken of in the past. She still has a few lovely things at a stall in Daylesford. When I saw this spider, I had to have her. 

More granny stuff, I seem to have found all the woolly goodies, a pink bolero with a cute bow, that frilly cardigan you saw up above, 2 crochet blankets and some vintage playing cards I plan to use as bookmarks. That frilly cardigan reminded me of the cardigan Mrs. Snow wore in Pollyanna 1960, it's not the same of course but similar. I would love an exact replica though :) Excited to add these pieces to my granny goth aesthetic.

My husband with a Bavarian Vampire cocktail for he's birthday celebrations. We had a lovely family lunch over the weekend at Hofbrauhaus Melbourne, followed by hot drinks and sweets at Koko Black.

Followed by more sweets like this amazing cake at my family home, obviously not in this colour but I love tweaking my photos this way.   

My husband is so gorgeous! My soulmate, my world and best friend 💓

This is the cute little outfit I wore ~
Large red bow
Floral vintage dress
R.I.P hair bobble 
Bat necklace
Vampire fangs necklace
Bee brooch
Poison Apple brooch ~ from one of my hair clients and friend.

The Poison Apple brooch is so cute and very me! Thank you Betty Faye xx 

Here are some other pictures of a cute outfit from last week, love that shirt! Fuck, that eye makeup was better than perfect that day! 

I love wearing my Sadie Living Dead Dolls head as a necklace. 

Such a sweet outfit. 

Mum took this pic, haha love it!! 

And last but not least a nice booby photo in my Draculas tee :D