Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Spider Silk Lady!

I am very inspired by old movie stars and old films, part of what I call Granny Stuff and when it comes to what I watch, I hardly watch anything modern with some exceptions of course! I've been a Classic and Gothic horror movie fan since I was a kid, I was glued to that screen watching all the glamour and vampire films haha, I haven't changed much, mum and I loved Murder Mysteries and we both still do very much, only difference is, i'm still watching the classics and she watches the current. My love for old things runs very deep!

 I'd much rather ditch an evening out for a night in with my beloved classics and horrors a cup of tea and granny slippers, speaking of which check out these beauties in the picture below, you wanna know where they are from??? Well being the creative person that I am and always have been, I went out got my self a pair of slipper flats for $4 yep, you heard $4 and then painted Spiderwebs on them,  why? Because I love Spiders and their lovely Spider Silk, and I have a new Spider tattoo on my neck. Now, I know you can buy already made slippers/shoes similar but I wanted to make my own to wear around my Granpire Cottage. I bought a second pair which I plan to paint Spiders on, I will also add that these are just for my own personal use at home as it's hard to find spooky granny slippers for Vampires!   

Now I can enjoy my nights in even more and days at home with my perfect granny slippers and spooky movies like The Spider Woman Strikes Back 1946, I watched the other night. 

Plot to this movie I got online, it explains everything (not my words) ~ 
A young woman comes to a small rural town to serve as secretary for a blind woman, the town's wealthiest person. The town is awash in mystery owing to the inexplicable deaths of local ranchers' cattle. The young woman becomes entangled in a web of horror as she discovers that her employer, aided by the hideously deformed household servant, have used the blood of her predecessors to create a death serum when it is mixed with spider venom - and that her own blood is now being harvested at night, while she is in a drugged sleep, to continue the experiment.

I was also gifted a book from a lovely friend on the weekend, she knows me well!!! I adore Agatha Christie! Thank you so much xox