Monday, 7 August 2017

Stuff Lately!

Stuff lately, all in the one post! Graveyards, Op shops, Halloween shopping, black cats and a Munster meal. 

Spooking about in my Draculas t-shirt, bought from Draculas the theatre restaurant which i'd like to visit again some time soon! I'ts funny each time we've gone there people thought we were just dressed up for the night lol, NOT!! I'ts full of mainstream people so I guess they wouldn't know what Goths are but the cocktails are fun and kooky and I did meet some really lovely ladies who wanted to hang with us so that was nice.  

Granny grey coat and some cute granny brooches. 

Vampire life! V--V That will never change, even at 38 years of age! Wow weeeee i'm nearly 40!!! Haha i'm cool with that, just proves you can still be you! Unfortunately these days there isn't much for a Goth to do here in Australia, so you have to make your own fun. Still a couple of Goth nights left but you hardly see anyone about on the streets, not even metal heads, where has everyone gone and what has happened here?! 

I guess my generation was different and we had a lot going on back then, partied hard for many, many years, now the Granpire life suits many of us elder Goths... tea and cake, a ghostly novel, home gatherings listening to music, dinners, theatre, graveyard lurking and yummy drinks at the Absinthe Bar which I can't wait to go back to V--V I'm SO HAPPY we finally have a place like that to visit. 

Graves, graves, graves...

Halloween shopping! I stocked up on kitchenware. 

Lurking around Op shops is what i do! I love that Mortician pin, I just fucking love that band. 

Met a gorgeous little black cat on my hairdressing travels, I'm always befriending black cats, no shit, they follow me around; even my client thought it was very amusing :) I love it. 

A lovely place to eat in Ballarat with the coolest of names, you know why ;)