Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Red Shoes 1948

The Red Shoes 1948 has stolen my crimson heart! This movies aesthetic is incredible!!! All that RED, and the makeup is so lush, especially the eyes and eyebrows 💓

The colour red, gorgeous flowers, bows in hair, beautiful costumes and the theatre is the way to my old soul. I think i'll wear a permanent red beauty spot forever now, a nice addition to my signature red lips and nails (sometimes I wear other nail polishes but red in my favourite, it's because I'm an Aries, fire woman haha) I've always been inspired by the bygone times ever since I was little Vampire and that will never change, old things make me so happy! 

I may turn this red beauty spot into a little heart sometimes but just as it is, is perfect! I've added red glitter to it too, but it doesn't transfer well in picture form.