Monday, 25 September 2017

V--V Stuff!

Some outfits and shopping lately... 

If you are a Vintage Vamp and like old fashion like myself, you'll appreciate this post and all the crazy stuff I like and buy. I like inspiring people to be a little different and not be afraid to wear colour when you're a Goth! I guess my wardrobe is half Granny and half Spooky Cute, a nice combination that keeps life interesting! 

Vintage 1940s jumper in green! I love this one, its a nice green. Worn with a short a-line skirt, torn stockings and Dr. Martens. 

Vintage granny cardigan in a pastel yellow, I like yellow a lot! Teamed with some Bat necklaces, Grave bobbles and a Coffin brooch.  

One of my favourite Dracula T-shirts V--V 

My eye makeup is a combination of black eye shadow and Kat Von D's Metal crush in Paranoid. Blue eye makeup is by far my favourite and suits me best, it's definitely a conversation starter. 


Some things I've bought recently... a spooky doll from Savers as part of there Halloween collection, another doll that made me think of the Baby Jane Hudson doll in the original Movie 1962 and some floral teacups. 

I also scored BIG in the book department!

Ghosts and Vampire stuff, HELL YEAH! I've been wanting Violin by Anne Rice.

Some thrifted a-line skirts to wear with my Spooky tops.

and some Vintage granny stuff. That shirt is pretty cute and that cardigan is a lovely yellow. 

I'm always on the hunt for Dark Shadows inspired dresses, obviously these are not the colours but I love making my photos look this way.

The dress to the right I already have and when I saw another one, I thought i'd better grab it as these types of dresses are hard to find.

I really like that plaid one which in real life; is red and green. All these dresses were $10 each! I'm an Op shopper and like to buy bundles of cheap stuff. 

Some incense and oil purchases from the week. Thanx for reading xox