Monday, 11 September 2017

Some New Stuff!

I finally wore my The Adventures of Magic Mushrooms t-shirt from I love it! I also bought Let's Summon Demons which I wore a few weeks back, these t-shirts are really good quality and fun to wear.  

I did a bit of Halloween shopping last week, very exciting time for us spooky people. I found some beautiful Spiderweb and Spider fabric, actually mum picked it for me as we were out together, she said this is really pretty and would look nice on your bed, like a bed spread. I took it over to the counter and asked for 2 meters and as the lady was cutting it mum says, aww poor spider! I said, HAHA only our family would say that!  

When I bought it home I thought, it would actually look great and better on my Tarot table, i'm quiet pleased with it and thank you mum for picking such a lovely fabric for your little Tarot Sorceress, Vampire daughter V--V 

I'ts so lush! 

Here it is amongst other Halloween fabrics, and the fact that i'ts red and black makes me very happy.

I loved the glitter spiderwebs too!  

Halloween shopping is getting much better in Australia which is great! 

I also bought some of those spiderweb bowls.

and some spiderweb table cloths and purple glitter spiders.