Monday, 2 October 2017


It is finally SPOOKtober and I wanted to share a cute outfit even though, it's not Halloween colours or Autumn here in Australia but it's Spring time and I thought i'd start the month off with Spring colours. Mind you Autumn and the cold gloomy weather is my favourite time of the year and I LOVE all the amber tones but today were going to talk about pastels...

This charming little shirt I bought the other week which cost me $5 I think, is a real gem. I love the colours, collar and cuffs, too cute! I teamed it up with this gorgeous brooch made by a friend and  have been dying to wear it and this shirt was the perfect fit! Naturally I always add my spooky touch, bats and fangs

The black skirt, is also thrifted, I enjoy styling and coming across cute shirts to wear with my skirts.

My outfit was inspired by all the beautiful things I saw last week, like this Wisteria.

Lovely chipped red nail polish and a star wars band-aid, charming but I haven't had the chance to paint my nails, i'm a busy lady! Red lips and nails are a must for me, red is the colour of my fiery soul and I need to wear accents of this colour. I forget to wear a red beauty spot sometimes but when I do, I feel so glamorous and looks great with my blue eyeshadow.

This sweet granny cardigan I spotted on an outing with a friend last week, I wanted it but it seemed too big and was expensive and I like to buy cheap! This pastel pink is amazing and I am a huge lover of the colour pink.

Lovely old world charm talcum powders, I love floral.

These gorgeous Musical Carousel's in a Melbourne shop window were very inspiring to me, such gorgeous colours. 

and some more classic granny charms from a beautiful vintage store in my town. 

One more pic because I LOVE this outfit and I wish you could see the amazing lavender glitter i'm wearing on my eyes. Thanks for reading xox