Monday, 9 October 2017

Vampire Outings and Stuff!

I've been a busy Vamp and haven't had much time to document on my blog which I love to do, but here's some adventures lately...

This Vampire Krispy Kreme doughnut was so yummy! I need more haha V--V 

Tea and scones at The Tea Salon Melbourne Emporium, look at that granny floral! Makes my heart swell 💗

I wanted some Granny Apple Pie tea but they were out, so I had the Sweetheart Tea instead! 

Train reads! 

Snooping at all the lovely granny brooches 😍

Mini golf with fabulous friends on Sunday. 

A date night out with my husband 💋 We went to StoryVille in Melbourne, had some yummy cocktails based on Fairy tales, it was great!   

Loved the Mushroom decor, in fact that's what lead me there 😍

We had a lovely date night V--V 

What I wore ~ Vintage shirt, Bat brooch and Skull necklace. 

I've been busy with my Rose making and now have Coffin boxes which will be up on my big Cartel soon! 

I LOVE making Roses 💝

and snooping at Hair clients awesome books 😊

 Thanks for reading xox