Thursday, 23 November 2017

Granny Goth!

Just some snippets and parts of my Granny Goth Kitchen! 

The corner vase used to have pink flowers in it, but they've been sprayed black! I much prefer it and have been spraying a few things black lately. (Black and Pink are my favourite colours if you haven't guessed)

The cute little Bat Ballerina shoes are from a design I drew recently of a Vampire Bat Ballerina, she will be up in my kitchen too after I find her a cute frame. You can see her on my work Instagram page @the.blood.witch

Lovely Vamps and Witches! 

Photo above, Roses I handmade.

Cute little coffin. 

Black Roses make my heart swell!

Everything is pink and black and I love my black curtains.

I'm a coffin lady, give me all the coffin things. 

Hope you enjoyed a small part of my kitchen.