Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Out Doing Granny Stuff!

On Tuesday, we went on an outing to the Opera to see The Merry Widow! 

My cute little outfit for the event. I adore that pastel vintage shirt or blouse. I added a blue beauty spot to my face too, which I named BLUETY SPOT! I sometimes wear a red one when I can remember lol! I used to wear a black one for years but stopped doing that for a while, then The Red Shoes inspired me to wear a red one. 

Just a few selfies ;) I love how each photo looks different and some are blurry.

Box seating at the Opera, it was wonderful! I'm personally afraid of heights so this was a bit of a challenge for me but I enjoyed every minute of the show. 

When we opened the door I didn't think we'd be that high up but we were! A nervous excitement.

Felt like Vampire Royalty! That's tattooed to by belly by the way, had that done many moons ago :P

I enjoy a good night out doing Granny Stuff!