Monday, 13 November 2017

Stuff Lately!

Prairie dresses, Bats, Spiders and a Spiked headband. 

I bought this dress years ago, shortened it and sewed on the lovely frill. 

I love my Granpire wardrobe and dress this way most of the time, but I also love wearing my casual Goth clothes when I just can't be bothered, or am looking for comfort BUT I always wear my signature eye makeup with any outfit I choose for the day, one would like to dress Vintage everyday but it doesn't always happen that way. 

Melbourne outings.

Lovely red Roses and Agatha Christie books which I love! 

A Leopard statue I saw and made me think of the Movie, Bringing Up Baby 1938. I love watching all the Classics, always!

Old world charm.

Some new tea; French Earl Grey delicious! I also bought some Pukka and Dandelion tea recently too. 

Casual Goth attire, all black everything! 

I used to love this band years ago when I rocked a Gothabilly look! I mainly admired Zombie Ghost Train for their Spooky Horrorbilly style, even saw these guys live when Melbourne was quiet alternative, sadly that's not the case anymore! I guess other styles have become more popular, but where are all the Spooky people gone??? Please come back! I am 38 years old and still Spooky haha :) 

Miss. Morison's Ghost! What an amazing outfit, I want it!! 

New purchases, Basic Witches book and Flowers of the Night oracle, looking forward to working with these.

Great humour and a modern way to look at Witchcraft. The Oracle cards are amazing, very me and dark! 

What a beauty! 

Me comparing my hand handmade Roses to the real deal! If you didn't know I made Roses, I have an IG account called @the.blood.witch there you'll find what I do for work etc. If you would like any Roses made just contact me for custom made beauties. 

I love the art of making Roses! 

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