Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Haunted Bookshop!

Early in the week I visited The Haunted Bookshop. I adore this place and could spend hours looking at all the glorious books and having a good old chat with the owner Drew, which I've known for a very long time. He also guides Ghost Tours which he is quiet famous for. If you're a darkling like myself and into the Occult then you'll appreciate this little gem!  

Shop Link: The Haunted Bookshop ... words directly from he's website  ~ 
Drew Sinton's iconic Haunted Bookshop is Australia's leading occult bookshop with the country's largest range of occult and supernatural titles in store plus tarot decks, Gothic literature, Gothic jewellery and cult horror DVDs for the dark and brooding or morbidly inclined.

Vampire books for an eternity...

I could just live in this Bookshop! 

Lots of DVD's and gorgeous Coffins, so perfect! 

Lots of Spooky Ghostly books which I love!

Cute Ghosts...

and a lovely mannequin.  

I came home with Little Vampire Women and I can't wait to read it haha!! Good old March Sisters. I also bought some Vampire Blood Incense Fangs! 

Book bought from The Haunted Bookshop (Melbourne)
Vampire Incense bought from Highway To Hell (Melbourne)

Thanks for reading xox 

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