Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A Coffin Full of Things I Love!

I like making these posts on fashion that inspires me... note ~ These pictures are not mine, got them online. 


The Vampires Wife dresses are so gorgeous!!! I love this red one. 

Yes please, can I have this Snake brooch?!!!

Adore these Charlotte Olympia Spiderweb shoes in red.

B for Blood perhaps ;) 


I love Old Lady jewellery.  

Ahh, that bag!!
These brooches are to die for! Spiders and a Cobra, I actually wear a Cobra earring just one. 

I've always loved chunky and unusual rings, never been into diamonds, even though my birthstone is a diamond. The glitz I like is in brooches or Old Lady jewellery like Opals and an eccentric kind of sparkle, adore antiques too. I love wearing Coffin, Skulls, Insect, Amber, Onyx, Black Obsidian stone rings; the list could go on and on, especially on worn tattooed hands like my own. Love the rings and lace in the photo above. 

Granny Goth coats.


Gorgeous ghost era perfume bottle, I could fill that with bewitching scents. 


 Lilith my love!