Monday, 4 December 2017


My work/casual getup, doing hair in the loveliest Granny bathrooms! 

Love that coat and Spider brooch!

Went to see Murder On The Orient Express, it was fantastic! I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and own so many of her books. 

Yesterday I bought the ultimate Granny coat, faux fur, black and below the knee. Can't wait for Autumn/Winter here in OZ, currently an odd Summer. I see a lovely back patch and perhaps a new brooch being attached to this beauty! 

My signature scent, a scent I've been wearing for a very long time! I cherish each drop of Poison but I also love and wear perfume oils such as Amber, Snake oil and Night Queen. All these scents are purely bewitching and I adore a good Old Granny scent like Tabu which is an every day favourite! 

These pics I took a few Monday's ago on my day off haunting around the house and of course you create the most perfect makeup when you're not going anywhere, typical! 

Have a great week and thanx for reading!