Thursday, 4 January 2018


Some more photos of our outing to NVG from last Sunday! 

Spooky 60s Velvet Vampire look, my style is unique and it sometimes feels like I'm living in the wrong country, my style is very British I think! Something I feel doesn't get appreciated much down under. In fact everything I love and like seems to come from afar haha, cottage life, cups of tea,  granny stuff and so on.

p.s  I do have casual days too which consists of a nice top and a skirt but I do like dressing in my best most of the time. 

Cute little Halloween socks and tattooed legs... I hardly expose my stems in the summer, I really don't like the sun and the look of a tan is definitely NOT me! Lots and lots of sunscreen worn on this day and I ran from shade to shade like a crazy person afraid of the sunlight V--V 

Visiting lovely places that contain old things is heaven for me like this particular dress which is to die for and it literally is to die for! Toxic Beauty ~ talks about highly toxic dyes used on garments in the 1850s. 

Royal Purple, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! 

A dream really, especially high neck collars!


 Old worldly beauties...

Thanx for reading xox