Sunday, 28 January 2018

Stuff Lately!

How's a Vampire meant to survive the Australian summer heat!!! 

In vintage shirts perhaps? I do NOT like the sun on my skin so I cover up, it's hot but I just don't like it what so ever! These cute shirts come to the rescue, this one I bought a while back and forgot about it, sewed on some lace and there you have it! Matched perfectly with this vintage Amber coloured glass brooch,  I love anything Amber related accompanied by my spirit animal the BAT!  

I also made this cute little A-line skirt, I love wearing these kind of skirts.

New Killstar shoes, studded and satanic just perfect! 

On my causal days my outfits consist of looking like a grown up Draculaura! Short skirt and a cute tee, comfy and easy. 

Granny perfume and DIY spider silk slippers I wear around my Granpire Cottage. 

Visited a Lavender farm with family, I love Lavender so calming. 

I wear Lavender perfume oil to bed.

I also love drinking Lavender and Chamomile tea.

Visiting these kind of farms in the heat is not so great, especially with annoying and rude tourists and cafe staff that can't get your order right! You ask for Lavender ice-cream but they give you lemon sorbet ~ Don't they say when life gives to Lemons you make Lemonade? No, I wanted Lavender but the Lemon tasted nice at least.

I might plant some Lavender, be nice to have in my Little Poison Garden.