Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Goth Craft Books!

Getting excited about the autumn months ahead and all the crafting that I enjoy doing in the colder period. I have been needle felting for a while now, something I taught myself to do years ago and I always like looking through different craft books for ideas that can be converted into felt as I already am a felt artist and make my own handcrafted Roses for @little.poison.garden my own little flower shop where I make custom Roses for all occasions but my passion is the Funerary world and mainly for pets as they deserve a lovely arrangement of  Roses next to their ashes and photo. I take orders over Instagram, just DM me and I can customise the colour of your Roses etc. Soon to have little wooden Coffins to display the arrangements in so we are hard at work preparing for that, it's just the 2 of us, my talented husband making the Coffins and me making the Roses. Looking forward to sharing that soon!

Back to this lovely book and the cute little Spooky crochet characters you can make. I do plan to attempt some granny squares in the near future as it's hard to find black blankets and that granny bag I can't live without haha, black with a splash of colour is my fave, anyhow these little guys are so inspiring, hope it inspires you to make something this autumn/winter, I'm in the (southern hemisphere)

I should arrange a Granny Goth Club gathering LOL!!! Tea, sweets and crafts 🖤