Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Collars and Antique Adventures!

I've been busy making DIY collars to wear with t-shirts and fancy them up a bit and make them look a little 1970s Victorian Revival! I've made 4 all up but only have 2 pictured in this post. These 2 are worn with brooches and the other 2 have buttons, one a Gravestone and the other a Heart.

Can't believe how lovely they look and complete an outfit, especially my work ensemble.

My cute little outfit for a day out antique shopping, featuring a new bag that I like to call a mini Mary Poppins carpet bag. 

My t-shirt is also new from where else by Wicked Clothes! This one I love and is very me. 

Goes great with my Bat belt buckle I've had for years.

Felt very cute in this outfit. 

Out and about antique shopping we go! I was on the hunt for a few things...

Time spent admiring old things is what I love to do.

Came home with some beautiful treasures but I've only posted one, this gorgeous Larimar ring. I was on the hunt for a spooky old Granpire Opal ring as I love Opals but instead this beauty found me! I also bought 2 very Dark Shadows looking brooches, 2 Agatha Christie books an Elvira drawing and a photo of Herman and Lily Munster. 

A great way to spend the day.