Monday, 26 March 2018

Granny Stuff!

A little Monday afternoon snooping for treasure... I'm quite good at it haha, spend a lot of my spare time looking at Granny Stuff but I always come home with the goods! For more daily pictures of  my Granpire life check out my Instagram @kriss_poison 

I adore this table, look at all those sweet teacups and table cloth.

I would love to have a floral wall, but I'd choose black wallpaper with roses. 

Cute 60s dress. 

Cushions and Cosies = Love! 


Loving these pastel pink rose teacups 😍

I was so happy to be able to wear a coat for the first time today now that it's getting colder! I'ts so warm and fluffy, has a Vampira patch on the back and a cute Spider brooch on the front. 

Granny bag, granny phone, granny GOTH!!!