Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Blood Witch!

The Blood Witch ~ a Vampire version of The Love Witch, casting dark Vampiric spells and Witchery...

My Sunday morning attire to go out to the Como House and Garden Vintage sale, looking very 1960s Dark Shadows 🖤 

I love this outfit, I'd say it's one of my best dresses! 

Yummy husbands V**V 

Ok, ready to go Vintage shopping and see what I can find!

Arrived at the Como house looked around, it was the last day of the sale so a lot had already sold but I did find a very beautiful velvet like black dress, very Witchy and very me!

I had never visited this place before, some lovely antique decor to gaze at. 

Those drapes 🖤 so beautiful!

Other parts of the stately home.

Love these!


It was a bit too sunny for us but we had a nice day looking at old things.

then a late afternoon treat followed by a lovely dinner in Melbourne then back to our beloved country town 🖤