Monday, 9 April 2018

1970s Goth!

On Sunday morning I watched NECROMANCY 1972 while getting ready to visit my Dad for he's birthday and was inspired to wear my Necromancy t-shirt by Wicked Clothes and this cute orange and green wool skirt I thrifted years ago; which used to be long but, I cut it short and turned it into a mini. Not that this outfit looked anything like what the ladies were wearing in the movie but they had similar skirts and thought my Necromancy t-shirt would look great with it.

 ~ I love my 1960s. 1970s Occult Movies. 

Great to see my family for Dad's birthday, he's such a wonderful man with the kindest heart, very lucky to have him as my father. We also happened to celebrate mine a week early too! 

My birthday isn't until the 16th of April but it was nice to celebrate with Dad. This cake was so delicious, I love these old-fashioned cakes they always taste incredible and remind me of my childhood.

I want more! So yummy 🖤