Thursday, 26 April 2018

Funeral Bloom!

Autumn would have to be my favourite season, all the leaves are falling in our street and turning Amber which I love! Planning Cemetery visits soon, it's the best time for photography and we plan to visit as many as we can and ones we haven't been to yet. 

Morgiana 1972 ~ One of my all time favourite Czechoslovakian Gothic Horror movies. Viktoria's wardrobe is a Funerary dream for a GOTH!!! Especially for someone like me who adores the 1960s and 1970s Victorian Revival. 

From Viktoria's tarot reading in the movie. 

As a Goth we're expected to be depressed and sad which pisses me off actually because I think it's bullshit! I'm probably one of the happiest Goth's you'll ever meet, I love to laugh and have a great time and I do LOVE all things Funerary themed and related. For me I see a beauty in Coffins and visiting old Cemeteries, history is amazing!

Above are Funerary Roses I make and call FUNERAL BLOOM. My husband makes the Coffins and I make the Roses ~ these are made especially to place next to the ashes of your beloved pets and loved ones who have passed over or as Funerary/Goth decor for your home (designed for indoors only). I've made many coloured ones but my favourite are the Black ones of course!

This gorgeous 199 Cemeteries to see before you die book was one of my special birthday gifts from my darling husband, he spoilt me with a lot of Funerary things 🖤

My, we worship each other like BATS eternity ring!

Another beautiful book gifted to me from my wonderful husband ~ Beyond the Dark Veil. 

I just adore making Black Roses, it's what my heart desires and want to share their beauty with people who appreciate the dark side. 

I love being surrounded by Black candles. 

Vase ideas for  we painted it black, looks wonderful and very Granny Goth!!!


 ADORE, ADORE,ADORE!!! Thanks for reading xox