Sunday, 22 April 2018

Spooky Cute!

My everyday look when i'm not wearing Vintage! 

I love wearing vintage but I don't wear it everyday and tend to save it for outings and special occasions like going out to dinner with friends, the theatre things like that etc, etc. gigs and Goth nights might be a combination but my everyday look is a bit more simple, cute and always SPOOKY! I love wearing short a-line skirts with a Gothic or cute styled top.

When I'm feeling fancy the Vintage blouses come out such as Prairie, Granpire, high neck and 1960s. 1970s stuff, those would have to be my favourites to wear with these short skirts and I always carry a Granny bag and wear fluffy Granny coats with sparkly brooches, usually Spiders 🕷 doesn't matter whether my outfit is Spooky Cute or Vintage Vamp, I always make an effort to dress up! 🖤

This Skeleton long sleeve top I bought from Big W as well as the skirt. 

Such a cute top, I love it. 

I'm pretty sure it's a kids pyjama top but I don't care i'll still wear it out. 

and I LOVE those skirts! 

I love wearing this cute long sleeve Monster High top, which I also found at a department store a long while back.

This top I haven't worn in YEARS!!! Forgot I even had it really, a have a few more in different colours but I love the green.