Monday, 7 May 2018

Gothic Beatrix Potter!

My cute little outfit for a trip to Clunes Booktown Festival!  

This gorgeous blouse used to be a dress but I've been feeling drowned in lengthy dresses lately and much prefer short skirts or short dresses on me, I'm quite little and feel that this suits my body well so I've been turning my dresses into blouses, not all of them of course I still like some lengthy ones I have but was needing a change! 

I'm really pleased with how this blouse turned out and I felt like a Gothic Beatrix Potter ~ I am a big fan of BP. 

Now I know I've posted a lot of selfies in this post hahaha but I couldn't decide which I liked best so I posted lots! I will post the books etc I got from Clunes in the next blog. Thanks again for reading xx