Thursday, 10 May 2018

Granny Stuff I Bought!

The stuff I bought from Clunes...

A cute little basket, added the black bows to make it more me! It's great to carry water, books etc. along side your handbag. I do have a slightly bigger one but use that for my hairdressing stuff I take with me when doing hair. 

This basket is VERY Mrs. Wilberforce from the movie ~ The Ladykillers 1955

Always on the hunt for Agatha Christie books! A great love of mine. 

Love my Murder Mysteries, such a fucking Granny!

More mysteries. 

Actually found a Barbara Cartland book, I'm thrilled! 

A few books on dolls.

I was so happy to come across this book, I was spewing I didn't buy it at the festival last year but was very pleased to see, that it was in the exact same spot this year waiting for me :) 

Bronte love!

You've already seen this gorgeous Granny bling in the last post. 

and last but not least I found this book, the cover is boring but the story sounded intriguing so I bought it. You all know my heart swells when I find Granny stuff! :)