Friday, 4 May 2018

Psychedelic Blood Witch-Vampires!

How great is this dress?! I bought it years ago, I actually wore it for a painting done of me which was incredible. This dress is from the 1960s and the Vampire book is from the 1970s, the granny brooch I bought not long ago from an antique store.  

I've been giving some of my old dresses a new life by turning them into blouses so I can wear them with my cute little black skirts, I like wearing majority black with pops of colour. 

Blood Witch? Just another word for a Vampire who practices magic! I'm bewitched by the 60s and 70s occult. 

I've had this book for years and the pages are falling apart, I love old books. 

I adore that 60s floral print, really reminds me of The Brady Bunch which I loved watching as a kid and still do!

Granpire tea for us older Vamps V--V