Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Puffed Sleeves!

Another dress turned into a blouse...

This one in particular is very sweet and I adore those large puffs, so old fashioned! I must say these pastel colours suit me well and I enjoy wearing them surrounded in black of course. A very good way to add a bit of fancy elegance into your wardrobe. 

I've been quite a busy Lady Vamp but I did get time to see Agatha Christie's Crooked House at the movies the other day which I was very excited about, it was great! I am a big fan of Agatha and her mysteries, especially Miss Marple! When you're a Granny Goth like me, you enjoy all these Old Lady styles and adventures, movies, tea and scones hahaha! 

All these things I watch heavily inspire me and my style, I'm not afraid to be me and am quite proud of my individuality. I don't want to fit in nor be like anyone else but myself!

Happy World Goth Day 🖤